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Yung Wing Elementary School P.S. 124
40 Division Street
New York, New York 10002
Tel. 212-966-7237 Fax 212-219-3069
Alice Hom, Principal
Melissa Helman, Assistant Principal Yi Law Chan, Assistant Principal

June 28, 2017

Dear Parents and Students,

Before you go off for your summer vacation, we want to prepare you for the start of the new school year.  The first day of school will be Thursday, September 7th.  Classes begin at 8:10 AM and end at 2:30 PM.  Late passes will be given out beginning at 8:11 AM. Please bring your children to school on time.  Teachers will meet their students at 8:10 AM in the following areas:

Kindergarten Students – Classroom (doors open at 8:00 AM)

1st Grade Students – Auditorium

2nd Grade Students – Auditorium

3rd /4th Grade Students – Gymnasium

5th Grade Students – Lunchroom

During the first two days of school (Sept. 7 & 8), kindergarten students will go to the cafeteria and parents may accompany them there.  As of Monday, 9/11, parents will be asked to drop off their children by the main doors and school staff and 5th grade student monitors will meet and escort them to the cafeteria.

Breakfast is served from 7:40 – 8:00 AM daily.  School aides & paraprofessionals will supervise students and assist them in morning lineup.  At P.S. 124 we are especially concerned about student safety and attendance.  To ensure their safety, please remind your child about walking to the lunchroom and not wandering around the school.    Entry for all students, staff and parents for school business is on Division Street

Lunch Periods are as follows: Grades PK, Kgn. 1 and 3 10:50 – 11:40 AM

Grades 2, 4 and 5 11:45 – 12:35 PM

Kindergarten students will be dismissed by the ramp wall at 11:30AM. on the first day of school (September 7th).  They will stay for a full day beginning September 8th.  During the remainder of the year, they will be dismissed along the ramp at 2:25 PM.  Caretakers should wait on the sidewalk.  First grade students will be dismissed at 2:30 PM to Division Street (Exit 2) and parents should wait at the foot of the front steps.  2nd grade students will be dismissed at 2:30 PM to Division Street (Exit 1) by the side gate.  3rd, 4th and 5th grade students will be dismissed at 2:30 PM to the backyard (Exit 6) and exit the gates to Bowery Street.  Parents should arrange to meet their children in designated areas close to the dismissal sites.  If your child will be going to an after-school program, please inform his/her teacher with a note on the first day of school.  Those students will be dropped off at designated waiting areas along the first floor by their classroom teachers.  Children who attend an after-school program in the school may not leave the building to buy snacks from local stores.  They should already have their snack and meet the after-school teachers at specified areas.

Students who use school buses will be instructed to meet at the main office at 2:20 PM. A school staff will pick up children in Grades K & 1 who go home by bus.  The Bowery Street gate will only be opened at 2:20 PM for dismissal of grade 3-5 students.  If you have children in the upper grades as well as the lower grades, you may request, in writing, for your older child to be dismissed to the same dismissal site as your younger child.  Please be aware that when parents and other relatives as well as visitors enter the school building, a form of identification must be shown at the front Security Desk and the person(s) must sign in.  Bathroom facilities in our school building are for staff use only and we ask that you support us in keeping our school safe and clean.

Students in grades 2-5 will be receiving a school planner during the first days of school that has important information about Rules and Regulations, this year’s School Calendar and Phone Numbers that you may need.  PLEASE READ THESE ITEMS OVER WITH YOUR CHILDREN CAREFULLY.  Check our website at www.ps124.org for updates.  In addition, please refer to the student handbook pages for important information.

You are invited to join the teaching and learning community of P.S. 124 in a partnership that will work towards providing your children with an education that actively engages their minds and talents.  We look forward to having a productive as well as a challenging year ahead filled with wonderful learning experiences for both you and your child(ren).  See you bright and early on Thursday, Sept. 7th!


Alice Hom

Melissa Helman

Yi Law Chan






在各位放暑假前, 我們邀請各位為新學年作好準備.新學年的開課日期是九月七日,星期四. 上課時間是早

上八點十分至下午两點三十分. 早上八點十一分到校者, 計為遲到. 請準時帶孩子到校上課.每天早上老師



幼稚園學生             –  教室(教室會在早上八點開門)

一年級學生             –  禮堂

二年級學生        – 禮堂

三/四年級學生        –  體育館

五年級學生             –  飯堂


在開學的第一和第二天(九月七日和八日),幼稚園學生的家長們可以陪同學生一起到飯堂.由九月十一日, 星期一開始, 家長們在正門口讓孩子自己進入學校大堂, 到時會有高年級學生以及學校教職員協助小朋友到飯堂.


早餐供應的時間是每天早上七點四十分至八點. 學生助理員和助教將會在早上看顧學生並協助他們排隊.

公立一二四小學特別注重學生的安全和出席率.  為確保安全起見,家長一定要提醒您的孩子直接走到飯堂,而不是在學校徘徊.  所有學生、教職員工及家長必須由地威臣街正門進入學校.


各年級午餐時間: 啟蒙班, 幼稚園, 一年級和三年級    10:50 – 11:40

二年級, 四年級 和五年級      11:45 – 12:35


幼稚園學生在九月七日開學日,上課半天,中午十一點半放學. 家長們在校門口斜坡外人行道等候接放學.  九月八日開始全天上課. 全年放學程序如下: 幼稚園學生每天下午2:25分由老師帶到學校正門口斜坡處放學,家長站在斜坡外人行道上等候. 一年級學生每天在下午2:30放學, 地點在學校正門口地威臣街(第二出口),家長們需站在台階最下方等待. 二年級學生每天在下午2:30放學,地點在學校側門地威臣街近孔廈公園(第一出口). 三,四和五年級學生每天在下午2:30 放學, 地點在高層運動場至包厘街出口(第六出口).家長們應該在接近放學地點的指定區等候孩子.如果學生有參加課後托兒班, 家長必須在開學的第一天寫張字條通知教師. 教師將帶這些學生到一樓指定的地點等候, 參加在夲校大樓內的課後托兒班的學生不可以自行離開學校大樓到附近小店購買零食. 他們應預早帶妥食物在指定地點等候課後班教師.


乘坐校巴的學生將於下午2:20到學校辦公室等候. 幼稚園和一年級坐校車的學生會由學校員工到教室接領.  學校操場通往包厘街的鐵閘只在下午2:20開放,以便三至五年級學生家長接領孩子. 如果你同時要接高年级和低年級的孩子, 你可以寫張字條給高年级孩子的老師, 准許孩子走到前門和家長會合. 請注意,當訪客和家長進入學校大樓時,必須由正門在校警處出示身份証明並簽名才可進入. 學校洗手間和設施只限於學校職員使用.  我們感謝你的合作支持, 使學校保持安全和清潔.


二年級至五年級學生在開學第一天會拿到一本學生手冊,這本手冊中包括了重要的資訊,有關學校校規及全年學校行事曆和您需要的電話號碼.請你和孩子詳細地閱讀學生手冊中的規條. 您也可上www.ps124.org 網址参看學校最新資訊. 此外, 我們會派發學生手冊影印本, 內有學校重要資訊和電話號碼, 請家長保留全年查看.


我們邀請你加入公立一二四小學的教學團隊, 成為我們的伙伴, 共同努力提供你孩子一個能啟發他們思想和發揮天份的學習環境. 期望和你以及孩子有個愉快的一年. 九月七日, 星期四再見.

Alice Hom

Melissa Helman

Yi Law Chan

校長 副校長 副校長