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  • PTA Newsletter - June 2017

    PTA Newsletter - June 2017


    PS 124, The Yung Wing School
  • PS 124 Community Fair

    PS124 Community Fair.  11am - 2pm.  See flyer for more info.


    PS 124, The Yung Wing School
  • Summer 2017 FREE two-week dance and music program for children entering grades 4 and 5 (2017年夏季 免费音乐舞蹈两周暑期班-面向即将升入四年级及五年级的孩子们)

    Dear Parents,
    NDI is offering a FREE two-week dance and music program this summer (July 31 – August 10)!  The program is open to all children entering Grades 4 and 5. 
    Below is an e-flyer with additional details — Attached are PDF flyers in English, Spanish, and Chinese.
    Space in the program is limited! Parents must register their children before the mandatory orientation on May 10th.


    以下是附有詳細資料的電子傳單 - 附有英文,西班牙文和中文的傳單。

    PS 124, The Yung Wing School
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    PS 124, The Yung Wing School

Kindergarten 2016

Yung Wing Elementary P.S. 124
40 Division Street New York, New York 10002
Tel. 212-966-7237 Fax 212-219-3069
Alice Hom, Principal
Melissa Helman, Assistant Principal Yi Law Chan, Assistant Principal


歡迎來到公立一二四小學幼稚園. 我們期待在九月份見您的孩子. 下一年的課程在社會學和 科學課程方面主要是學習 “我和我的家庭” 以及 “生物”. 在數學課程方面, 學習數數、有規 律的圖案和量度. 在九月份會安排一次家長新學年說明會, 詳細的說明所有課程.

我們教學其中一個目標是要使你的孩子對自己感覺良好有自信. 我們鼓勵學生們關心他人, 不可有任何暴力行為, 所以將所有玩具槍, 有打鬥性貭的玩具(例如超人等) 放在家裡, 不可 帶來學校.

早上到校 學生正式上課時間由早上八點十分開始. 如果學生八點十一分到校, 要到辦公室 領取遲到紙, 遲到次數將會記載在學生的記錄上. 請督促孩子準時到校, 這是為人父母者很 重要的一項責任.

早餐供應的時間是星期一至星期五早上七點四十分至八點. 不要在最後一分鐘趕到學校吃 早餐. 吃完早餐必須自己將桌子擦乾淨. 牛奶必須倒在塑膠大桶內, 牛奶盒必須分開丟在不 同的垃圾桶內, 作為環保之用.

在家要準備額外的膠條, 剪刀和蠟筆, 孩子需要這些來完成回家功課或指定課題. 我們相信 每一位孩子最終目標是成為獨立的終生學習者. 有這個信念, 孩子必須獨立完成回家功課, 我們要求家長只擔任指導的角色. 回家功課是主要的工具使老師知道每一位學生的問題, 才 能給予適當的教導. 希望每位學生都能完成指定的作業.

點心 你孩子課室的老師會告訴你該班使用的方法.

在九月份我們會有機會見面. 如果你想和我們見面, 可以事先預約時間. 期望在九月份和你 見面.

幼稚園老師 啟

Yung Wing Elementary P.S. 124
40 Division Street New York, New York 10002
Tel. 212-966-7237 Fax 212-2193069
Alice Hom, Principal
Melissa Helman, Assistant Principal Yi Law Chan, Assistant Principal

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

Welcome to Kindergarten at P.S.124. We are looking forward to an exciting year. Next year “ Me & My Family” and “ Living Things” will be the themes we investigate in Social Studies and Science. In math, we will explore counting, patterns and measurement. In September we will be holding a parent-teacher orientation, and will explain the curriculum further at that time.

One of our goals is to make your child feel comfortable and good about themselves. We want to encourage caring for others and discourage any kind of violence. With this in mind please leave all toy guns, action figures(such as super heroes)and toys at home.

Arrival: School officially begins at 8:10 A.M. for all students. A student is considered late at 8:11 A.M. and must go to the main office for a late pass. This is a very important parental responsibility and does appear on your child’s records.

Breakfast is served Mon. – Fri. from 7:40 – 8:00AM. Don’t wait until the last minute to get to school and eat your breakfast. Make sure to clean up your table. Milk must be poured into the rubber bin and cartons thrown away in a separate garbage can for recycling.

Home: Please make sure that you have extra glue, scissors and crayons at home so your child can use them to complete homework and projects.

We believe that the ultimate goal for each child is to become an independent life-long learner. Following this belief, homework is to be done by your child. We ask that you act as a guide. Homework is an assessment tool which enables us formulate lessons that meet the needs of your children. We expect all homework to be completed when assigned.

Snack: Your teacher will let you know the procedure that is used in his/her classroom.

We will be available to meet with parents in September. If you wish to meet with us, please request an appointment. We look forward to meeting you in September.

Sincerely, Kindergarten Teachers

2016-2017 學年幼稚園文具清單

請盡早準備好以下用品. 寫上孩子姓名和班級放在袋子裡, 請在上學第一天將筆記夲、 鉛筆和有口袋的文件夾帶來學校, 其他物品可以由九月十三日開始慢慢地分

*你可以在 Staples、Target、Walmart 或 K-Mart 買到這些用品.

 我們將為全班訂購每週讀者雜誌, 這是學習英語和社會學課程的一部份. 我們也計劃 購買課室的特別課程所需用品. 請繳 $ 20.00 放在信封內, 註明孩子的班級和姓名交 給老師. 感謝您的合作!

• 一張家庭照片(全體照)
• 两夲黑白硬皮筆記簿
• 四個塑膠製底部有两個口袋、中間有(裝釘) 扣釘的文件夾(紅, 藍, 黃, 綠各一個) •四枝粗的 Elmer’s 牌子膠條
• 一盒#2 削好的鉛筆(staples 或 Tigonderoga 牌子)
•一套配合季節的乾淨衣服, 註明孩子的姓名, 放在塑膠袋內(一定要包括襪子和內褲) •一個大小適中沒有輪子的書包(因安全理由) (背在背上的書包, 尺寸可容納文件夾)

•如有任何敏感, 請列出____________________________________________________ •

• 一盒彩色鉛筆
• 一盒粗的可水洗 Crayola 彩色筆
• 一盒 Crayola 牌子臘筆(24 枝裝)
• 一盒擦面紙巾

• 一捲 Bounty 擦手紙
• 一瓶液體肥皂
• 一盒一加侖裝拉鏈式易封口膠袋
• 一盒 Clorox 殺菌濕紙巾
• 一包有自動切割器透明 Scotch 膠帶


• 打包用寬膠帶(3M 牌子)
• 一盒創可貼膠布
• 一盒四分之一加侖裝拉鏈式易封口膠袋 •用於寫白板可以擦掉的彩色筆
• 嬰兒用濕紙巾

2016-2017 Kindergarten Supply List

Please have these supplies ready. Bring the following items in a bag( with your

child’s name & class). Please send in notebooks, pencils and pocket folders on the

first day of school. All other supplies can be gradually brought in beginning Sept. 13th.

*You can find these supplies at Staples, Target, Walmart or K-Mart.
 As part of our Language Arts and Social Studies curriculum, we will order

Weekly Reader Magazine for our classes. We also plan to purchase special classroom projects. Please enclose $20.00 in an envelope with his/her name and class written on it. Thank you for your cooperation!

Everyone needs to bring:

• 1 family photo (group shot)
• 2 Black and white hard cover composition book
• 4 pocket plastic folders with fasteners (1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow,1 green) • 4 Fat Elmer’s glue sticks
• 1 package # 2 sharpened pencils(Staples or Tigonderoga Brand)
• 1 seasonal change of clothes in a plastic bag with your child’s name on

it. ( please include socks & underwear)
• 1 school-size book bag without wheels (for safety reasons) a folder should fit

• A list of allergies, if any_________________________________________

• 2 packs Xerox copy paper
• 1 box of colored pencils
• 1 box of thick washable Crayola markers
• 1 box of Crayola crayons(24 counts)
• 1 box of tissues
• 1 roll of Bounty paper towels
• 1 bottle of liquid soap
• 1 box of gallon-sized, easy Ziploc freezer bag • Clorox disinfectant wipes 1 container
• 1 package Scotch tape

Wish List:

• Packaging Tape (3M brand )
• A box of band aides
• 1 box of quart sized, easy Ziploc bag • Dry erase markers
• Baby wipes