3rd Grade Supply List

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Alice Hom, Principal

Melissa Helman, Assistant Principal       Yi Law Chan, Assistant Principal


June 2017


Dear Third Grade Parents,


With the school year coming to a close, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful summer. We look forward to meeting you and working with your child in September.


Third grade is a very important year. Our curriculum is both challenging and exciting. In addition to reading, writing, and mathematics, we will be doing many interesting social studies and science units. Some of the units we will cover throughout the year include World Geography, World Cultures, Plant and Animal Adaptations, and Native Americans.


We will be going on many exciting field trips in order to extend our learning beyond the school setting. We encourage you to be part of your child’s educational experiences in and out of the classroom this year. When going to the library this summer, look for books focusing on the third Grade units to get a sneak preview.


Attached is a copy of the school supply list for September. Please take advantage of summer sales. Please send in notebooks, pencils and pocket folders on Sept.7h.

All other supplies can be gradually brought in during the week of Sept.11th . We appreciate your cooperation. We look forward to working with your child and expect a wonderful year together.




Third Grade Teachers





學期就要接近尾聲了. 借這個機會祝願各位有個愉快的暑假. 我們期待在九月份再見您的孩子.


三年級是非常重要的一年. 課程兼俱挑戰性和趣味性. 除了閱讀, 寫作和數學之外, 我們也會學習很多有趣的社會學和科學單元. 有些單元例如世界地理、世界文化、植物和動物如何適應環境和印地安人等單元, 都是全年的課程.


為了配合課室的學習, 我們也會安排多次的旅行以延伸在學校以外的學習. 我們鼓勵各位, 不論是孩子校內校外的學習課程, 你都能積極参與. 在暑假時帶孩子到圖書館借一些有關三年級學習單元的圖書, 讓他們事先熟悉一下.


随信附上九月份學校所需用品清單. 你可以在開學前減價時買好所需用品. 請在九月七日將筆記夲、鉛筆和有口袋的文件夾帶來學校, 其他物品可以在九月十一日那星期分批慢慢帶來. 多謝你的合作. 我們期待教導你的孩子,也期望有一個成功的新學年.


2017-2018 Third Grade Supply List



. one ruler

. 5 black and white composition notebooks

. 5 two-pocket folders (sturdy not thin paper)

. 1 box Crayola thick markers and 1 box Crayola thin markers

. 1 box colored pencils

. 1 scissor

. 2 large erasers

. 1 pack of Scotch tape in dispenser (clear, not magic)

. 1 pack of glue sticks (Elmer permanent glue sticks)

. 2 black Sharpie permanent markers (2 fine tip)

. 1 pack of pens (blue or red)

. 1 highlighter

. 2 boxes of tissues

. 2 rolls of paper towels

. 3 boxes of 12 No 2 sharpened pencils (NO mechanical/lead pencils allowed in


. 1-2 packs of Post-its (3 x 3- Post-it brand)

. 1 packs white copy/printer paper (500 sheets)

. $20 cash for subscriptions of National Geographic and Time for kids,     

 and special items needed for projects

. 1 bottle of liquid soap

. Ziplock bags (1,1-quart bags, 1 1-gallon bags)

. 2 Lysol or Chlorax wipes

. 1 pkg of looseleaf (wide rule)

 Certain supplies will be collected for classroom use



  • 一把尺
  • 5夲黑白筆記簿
  • 5個底部有两個口袋的文件夾(堅固耐用, 不要薄紙的)
  • 1盒粗的Crayola彩色筆和1盒細的Crayola彩色筆
  • 1盒彩色鉛筆
  • 一把剪刀
  • 2個大的膠擦
  • 一包有自動切割齒的Scotch膠帶(要透明的)
  • 一包 膠條 (Elmer牌子)
  • 2枝黑色Sharpie不退色筆(兩枝尖细頭)
  • 一包原子筆(藍色或红色)
  • 一枝銀光筆
  • 2盒面紙
  • 2捲擦手紙
  • 3盒十二枝裝2號削好的鉛筆 (在課室用,不可使用免削鉛筆)
  • 1-2包便利貼(3x3 - post-it 牌子)
  • 1包白色複印紙 ( 500張裝 )
  • 繳 $20現金訂購國家地理雜誌,Time for kids 刊物, 特別課題所需用品
  • 1 瓶液體洗手肥皂水
  • 易拉鏈塑膠袋(一盒¼加侖裝和一盒一加侖裝)
  • 2 罐Lysol 或 Clorox 殺菌擦拭紙
  • 1包活頁紙(寬格)