Arts & Enrichment

Studio in a School
Studio in a School provides a residence artist who gives art instruction in the optimal way – a multi-grade curriculum, a dedicated art studio in the school, and a full supply of high quality art materials. Students receive comprehensive visual arts experiences that encourage them to explore their imaginations and meet the city’s visual arts performance standards.  Art instruction supports Common Core learning standards and Studio in a School closely monitors classroom progress with ongoing assessment. Student artwork is prominently displayed in changing exhibitions throughout the school and is also eligible for Studio's citywide exhibitions. 

Glee Club
The Glee Club is an early morning and lunchtime club for 4th & 5th grade students who learn to harmonize and sing pop tunes with the school's music teacher.

Theatre Club
In the Theatre Club, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students audition to join and develop their speaking, singing and dancing skills through theatre activities with professional choreographers.

National Dance Institute
National Dance Institute (NDI) is a non-profit arts education organization founded in 1976 by ballet star Jacques d'Amboise.  Through in-school partnerships, NDI uses dance as a catalyst to engage children and motivate them towards excellence.

CookShop, the federally funded nutrition education program of the Food Bank For New York City, helps children develop the nutrition knowledge and cooking skills to make healthy food choices on a limited budget, and fosters enthusiasm for fresh, affordable fruit, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. 
It uses hands-on exploration and cooking activities to foster children’s enjoyment and consumption of healthy food, and their appreciation for good nutrition. 

Cool Culture
The Cool Culture card helps families of our pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students access and enjoy 90 of NYC's world-class cultural institutions for free, providing children with experiences that improve literacy and learning.

PS 124 has a legacy of fostering great, competitive chess players.  With one step into our school’s lobby, one will see the many trophies and plaques that mark this unique distinction.  Growing excellent chess players begin with our involvement with Chess-in-the Schools, a program that deliver chess instruction to all second and third graders at PS 124.  Each year, students in each of the second and third grade receive one semester of chess instruction in the basics of the game. 

Many second and third grade students move on to playing chess competitively by participating in weekly weekend tournaments sponsored by Chess-in-the-Schools.  With these additional weekend experiences, students may gain access to our school’s esteemed Chess Club which currently meets every Friday afterschool from 3:15pm-5:15pm.  Students in Chess Club receive more advanced chess instruction geared towards more competitive play.  As such, students may be invited to Chess Club only after demonstrating their commitment to competition by participating in at least five weekend Chess-in-the-School tournaments.  

Upon entry into the Chess Club, students are expected to compete in a minimum of five additional CIS tournaments to help the school team earn funding towards competition in the National tournament.  Many of our most committed students find pride in representing our school in the Nationals and each year, these families make the trip out of state to compete.  

There are many ways students of PS 124 can be involved with the great game of chess.  Parents interested in learning more should look out for annual informational meetings held at the beginning of each school year for more details!