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  • PTA Newsletter - June 2017

    PTA Newsletter - June 2017


    PS 124, The Yung Wing School
  • PS 124 Community Fair

    PS124 Community Fair.  11am - 2pm.  See flyer for more info.


    PS 124, The Yung Wing School
  • Summer 2017 FREE two-week dance and music program for children entering grades 4 and 5 (2017年夏季 免费音乐舞蹈两周暑期班-面向即将升入四年级及五年级的孩子们)

    Dear Parents,
    NDI is offering a FREE two-week dance and music program this summer (July 31 – August 10)!  The program is open to all children entering Grades 4 and 5. 
    Below is an e-flyer with additional details — Attached are PDF flyers in English, Spanish, and Chinese.
    Space in the program is limited! Parents must register their children before the mandatory orientation on May 10th.


    以下是附有詳細資料的電子傳單 - 附有英文,西班牙文和中文的傳單。

    PS 124, The Yung Wing School
  • PS 124 is on WECHAT

    SearchWeChatID: PS124M2129667237 orWeChatNames: PS124第一二四小學NYC

    PS 124, The Yung Wing School

5th Grade 2016

Fifth Grade Supply List

Dear Parents and Guardians,
In order to come prepared for the new school year, please send your child to school with the following supplies in

September. The supplies will be shared in the classroom community so there is no need to put your child’s name on the supplies. If you would like to contribute any of the items from the “wish list,” it would be greatly appreciated. Please try to get the suggested name-brand items (as indicated in the bold fonts) because they tend to last longer and are better in quality. Also, please bring in required supplies in two different days. Thank you in advance for your contribution and generosity.

Individual Supplies

Day 1: Paper & Stationery

o 4dozens Ticonderogaor Staples brand No.2pencils(sharpened)
o 6Mead marblewide-ruled composition notebooks
o 6Jam plastic hard covertwo-pocket folders (solidcolors:1blue,1red,1yellow,1green)

o 1flashdrive
o 1 small pencil case


Day 2: Classroom supplies

2 or more reams of copy paper(white)
o 1box of thick Crayola washable markers
o 1box of thin Crayola washable markers
o 1box of Crayola colored pencils
o 1pack of colored Expo dry erase markers with an eraser

o 1pair of children’s safety scissors
o 2rolls of Scotch matte finish magic tape in its dispenser
o 2pack of Staples index cards, lineruled(3"x5"or4"x6")

o 3packageofPost-itnotes(Post-Itbrandonly)
o 3Gluesticks

Day 3: Cleaning supplies

o 2 boxes of Kleenex or Puffs tissues
o 2-3 rolls of paper towels
o 1packofCloroxorLysoldisinfectingwipes
o 2packagesofloose-leafpaper(atleast100sheets)
o 1bottleofhandsoap
o 1bottleofhandsanitizer
o 1boxofZiploc,HeftyorGladquartsizedbags
o 1boxgallonsized(large)ofZiploc,HeftyorGladfreezerbags

Wish List

Ageappropriateeducationalgames(Scrabble,Boggle,Mastermind,Checkers,etc.)–Forcenteractivity o Avery®WhiteShippingLabels,2"x4"&Avery®WhiteShippingLabels,1-1/4"x3-3/4"
o 1boxofsharpies(blackorcolored)
o Band-aids

o Electricpencilsharpener
o 1reamofcolorcopypaper
o 1rollofclearScotchpackingtape o 1boxofCrayons
o 1packofbabywipes




學年中與同學分享使用,因此請不要在文具上寫上您孩子的姓名。如果您可以提供”希望清單”上的物 品,我們將會很感謝您。請您配合買指定廠牌的文具(粗體字的部份為廠牌名稱),因為這些文具的品 質比較好,淘汰率比較低,此外,請將所需的文具清單分成兩天送進學校, 謝謝各位的慷慨及幫助。




o 4打Ticonderoga或Staples廠牌的二號鉛筆(已削好的)
o 6本Mead廠牌大理石花紋封面的作文筆記本
o 6個Jam廠牌兩個口袋的塑膠檔案夾(單色為佳:一藍、一黃、一紅、一綠)

o 1個U盤
o 1個小的鉛筆盒



o 2包白色影印紙
o 1盒粗的Crayola廠牌可洗彩色筆 o 1盒細的Crayola廠牌可洗彩色筆 o 1盒Crayola廠牌彩色鉛筆

o 1盒Expo廠牌白板筆和一個白板板擦
o 1 把安全剪刀
o 2捲Scotch廠牌透明膠帶或霧面膠帶(有膠帶台的)
o 2包Staples廠牌有線條的索引卡片,3"x5"or4"x6"尺寸為佳 o 3 包 Post-it 廠牌便利貼 (只要 Post-it 廠牌)
o 3個膠條


o 2盒Kleenex或Puffs廠牌面紙 o 2-3捲擦手紙

o 1包Clorox或Lysol廠牌消毒用濕紙巾 o 2包橫紋活頁紙 (至少100張)
o 1瓶洗手乳
o 1瓶乾洗手

o 1盒Ziploc,Hefty或Glad廠牌1⁄4加侖裝三明治密封袋
o 1盒一加崙容量的Ziploc,Hefty或Glad廠牌可凍大密封袋


o 適合二年級學童的益智遊戲(例如:跳棋、猜數字及拼字遊戲等...)
o 白色標籤貼紙 Avery® White Shipping Labels, 2" x 4" & Avery® White Shipping Labels, 1-1/4" x 3-


o 1盒sharpies永久色筆(黑色或者彩色)
o 創可貼膠布
o 電動削鉛筆機
o 1袋彩色影印紙(有綜合色裝袋,或亮色的單色裝袋) o 1捲Scotch廠牌包裹用的透明膠帶

o 1盒蠟筆
o 1包濕紙巾